At present, the entire pharmaceutical industry is in the stage of upgrade and transformation. Drying equipment is an important part of the industry and transformation is imperative. Turning to the transformation of drying equipment, energy conservation is the goal pursued by the industry. In order to achieve this goal, combined drying equipment came into being.

Combination drying technology is also an energy-saving technology recommended by experts. The so-called combined drying is the connection of two or more dryers, so that the combination device has the performance of different types of dryers in the drying process, and achieves the purpose that can not be achieved with a single dryer, and thus is more dry than a single one. The device can save energy better.

Combination drying technology is a magic weapon for drying industry upgrade

The industry generally believes that there is still much room for growth for domestic companies in energy-saving drying technologies. At present, the proportion of China's dry energy consumption in the total energy consumption of the entire industry is almost one times higher than in the United Kingdom. In the future, enterprises should further seek energy-saving technology upgrades.

Practice has proved that by controlling the moisture content of the material being dried, the thermal efficiency can be significantly improved and the energy saving effect can be achieved. He therefore proposed that the industry should promote the combination of drying materials moisture drying methods, such as spray dryer and vibration fluidized bed dryer combination, paddle dryer and convection dryer combination, paddle dryer and disc dryer combination Wait.

In addition, the use of solar energy, biomass energy as a source of dry heat has also been mentioned by people in the industry. Experts told reporters that foreign countries have begun to vigorously develop green drying, drying technology and energy saving, such as using solar energy, wind energy, water energy, new energy drying. For example, the new solar rice drying system developed by Japan Gold Drying Co., Ltd. is a greenhouse solar drying system, which integrates several heat transfer modes to make it take advantage of various heat transfer modes at different stages of drying, making the use of energy more efficient. reasonable.

The promotion of combined drying technology can solve energy-saving problems well, which will become the development trend of domestic drying equipment in the future. In the transformation of the drying equipment industry, relevant companies need to continuously learn to introduce combined drying technology to achieve perfect upgrading of the industry.

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