The running-in period of the special working device of the pure suction sweeper is 20 hours. During the running-in period, the rotation speed of the auxiliary engine cannot exceed 1,800 rpm. At the same time, the engine's speeding and rapid acceleration or deceleration must be avoided. During the running-in period, it is necessary to observe whether there are abnormal vibrations and noises in various parts of the body of the pure suction sweeper. Also, check whether there is any leakage or leakage.

In the running-in period of the pure suction sweeper, it is easy to notice the slippage of the fan drive belt, the pump drive belt, and the air compressor drive belt. Each electronic control box switch operation and the work of each instrument is normal, but also pay attention. After the sweeper sub engine is completed, the engine air filter element must be cleaned, the secondary engine oil and engine oil must be changed, and the breakdowns and problems occurring during the running-in process must be cleared. Here, we must remind everyone that the special working device can be worn out, which can be completed by the sweeper manufacturer before leaving the factory according to the purchase contract, or can be used to train the sweeper personnel.

The operation and precautions of the pure suction sweeper should check the fastening of the tire nut, each fastener nut, and the pin shaft before leaving the vehicle to see if there is looseness. Whether the pressure and appearance of the tire is normal, whether the edge rubber under the suction mouth is worn or not, and whether the seals of the dustbin and the fan outlet, the back door, and the suction tube are damaged. Check the vehicle for oil leakage or water leakage. Check the two engine fuel, coolant, oil level, and brake fluid level, if not added in time. After starting the car, start the main engine and listen to its normal operation. Check if the car gauges, lights, service brakes and handbrake lights are working properly. Start the secondary engine, also listen to its working conditions, and check the conditions of the operating dashboard and indicator lights, fan drive belts, hydraulic pumps, and air compressor drive belts. After the inspection, all parts work normally, the bins are in the return position, the suction cups are in the raised state, and the electric outlets are recovered. Each electric control switch is in the parking position and the auxiliary engine is off. (Wen/Jun Xun)

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