I believe many customers have a problem in the purchase of second-hand sprinklers , that is how to determine the quality of second-hand sprinklers ? Today Xiaobian teaches everyone how to pick a good used sprinkler .

First carry out the inspection of the appearance, look for dents, cut paint, do not match the sprinkler body panels or parts, crush the lamp housing, and then double check can be found paint overspray chrome or rubber decorating or sprinkler watering vehicle wheel wells. This is a warning sign agency panel repair.

Secondly, the interior of the sprinkler was inspected. Signs of premature wear of the pedals or a sagging driver seat indicated that the sprinkler had high mileage. A stay on the airbag warning light may indicate that a bag has been deployed and improperly replaced - or not replaced.

Third check the tires. Tires are often used, and excessive expansion tends to have more wear; under the tire's drive, inflation often wears more of both sides. The tires that are worn on the shoulders near the outside indicate that it is difficult to push the sprinkler. This may be a sign that sprinklers in other places may be subject to excessive wear and tear. Due to the cup-shaped tires caused by offensive driving, those that have worn unevenly along the tread can show various problems.


The final test drive. Of course, the test drive will check out more problems, such as engine problems, exhaust pipe problems. The most important thing is to check that the sprinkler turns the steering wheel left and right when it is in operation to check for looseness or noise.

Of course, in addition to some of the above basic judgments, there are many details that need to be carefully selected. For example, check whether the electrical equipment, air conditioning, various signal lights are working properly, and check the deadlines for annual inspections, insurance, and surcharges paid by the vehicle.

Finally, remind the buyer that due to the long service life of the sprinkler, be sure to choose a powerful branded sprinkler when buying a car. This will facilitate the procurement of spare parts. The powerful sprinkler manufacturers will provide users with various sprinkler components for a long time. This will not allow customers to look nowhere when purchasing parts.

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