As a leader in the refrigerated truck industry, its typical representative is the Chengli refrigerated truck. It is the flagship product of Hubei Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., and the National Development and Reform Commission has designated specialized manufacturers of various kinds of special-purpose vehicles, as well as China's well-known manufacturers of landscaping, petrochemicals, municipal sanitation, and pressure vessels. Cheng Li not only manufactures refrigerated trucks, but also develops mobile stage vehicles, LED advertising vehicles, legal vehicle, sales vehicles, explosion-proof vehicles, tankers, feed vehicles, sprinklers, vans, garbage trucks, and manure Vehicles, sewage suction trucks, dump trucks, semitrailers, wreckers, truck cranes, aerial vehicles, coach vehicles, bulk cement trucks, chemical vehicles, fire engines, tractors, auto parts and other eight series of more than 100 models . Hubei Chengli Company has strong technical force, complete detection means, and has advanced production equipment at home and abroad. The product quality is stable and the operation mode is flexible. Chengli Company has taken the lead in fully passing the ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, and all products passed the 3C International. Compulsory product certification, and through the certification of export products.


The car produced by Cheng Li has occupied a large number of domestic markets for decades. In recent years, Cheng Li has achieved remarkable achievements in domestic and foreign markets. Cheng Li Automobile has become a bright pearl in the refrigeration industry and even in the dedicated automotive industry.

There are various brands of refrigerated trucks, such as Dongfeng Xiaokang Refrigerator, Futian Bread Refrigerator, Changan Small Refrigerator, Jinbei Haishi Refrigerated Vehicle, Isuzu Refrigerated Vehicle, Jiangling Refrigerated Vehicle, etc., and Jianghuai Front and Rear Eight Refrigerators. Various models, various uses, to meet the different needs of different sellers, and strive to do everything.

Cheng Li is a well-known trademark in China and the government's designated procurement company. The insulation material of the refrigerated truck produced by Hubei Chengli uses a polyurethane extruded board insulation layer, which is formed by vacuum compounding. The surface is smooth and clean, with high strength and long service life. The insulation performance reaches the national A standard. The car body material adopts high quality glass steel, color steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and so on.

Sellers can rest assured here to buy a refrigerated truck that suits their needs. Choose Cheng Li, choose peace of mind!

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