As a dedicated force for urban sanitation, the compact garbage truck is a star product for collecting and transporting high-efficient garbage. The purpose of the design is to effectively prevent secondary pollution caused by spilling along the way during garbage collection and transportation. In the prospect of development planning of the automotive industry, as the ideal equipment for sanitation work, it is a key development target model. Due to the importance of product design, the product of the current compressed garbage truck is more rapid than other models. Operators need to be trained in operation to effectively operate their skills. The following are some operational considerations.


One is the operation beforehand. In parking operations, as long as you leave the cab, it is best to use a non-skid block for anti-slip regardless of slope. Must check whether the flame and leave the handbrake tension compression garbage truck. Garbage may produce a variety of toxic liquids and may contain sharp objects. Therefore, safety equipment such as protective clothing, gloves, and safety masks must be worn before operation.

The second is the operation. Also affected by possible harmful gases, etc., must be operated in a well-ventilated area. Do not open the back door while driving. This kind of situation will cause the garbage in the hopper to scatter everywhere, and it is easy to cause loss of people and property in places where the vehicles are dense, and it is also a safety hazard to itself. In any case, even if you need to immediately check the operation, it should not be entered into the hopper or box during the operation. When some last resort conditions arise, such as operational mistakes, etc., it is necessary to stop the mobile device and carry it with the switch key. When the hopper is opened and closed, the surrounding environment must be confirmed again and again to ensure the possibility of accidental injury to human resources and to avoid major damage accidents. When the compression garbage truck operates the opening and closing hopper, the general buzzer alarm will prompt the dangerous situation. It shall be equipped with high-quality alarm equipment, and shall regularly check whether the alarm is normal. Confirm the careful hopper closure and ensure that there is no garbage trapped between the carriage and the hopper and the lock cannot be locked.

The third is the operation afterwards. Do not open the hopper while driving. Otherwise it will cause damage to itself and public facilities and buildings. It should be understood that the amount of rubbish compression is not positively correlated with the engine speed, so the press-in cycle operation should maintain a safe rate of specification, and excessively large maneuvering devices will only cause losses.

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