With the implementation of the national grand strategy such as the 13th Five-Year Plan, the Belt and Road Strategy, and the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the cold chain market in 2016 and during the 13th Five-Year Plan will usher in rare opportunities for development. Cold chain logistics market It will continue to grow rapidly. From a macro point of view, the expansion of pilots in domestic free trade zones has significantly increased the number and types of imported fresh products; APEC has made greater breakthroughs in the Asia-Pacific free trade zone and brought new opportunities. Domestic cold chain companies have started to follow national strategies. Gradually go abroad, cross-border acquisition has become a new trend. From the microscopic point of view, the per capita spending power in China has increased, and the quality requirements for fresh foods have increased, and the recognition of cold chain standards has been strengthened. The activation of demand in the rural market and the entry of agricultural products into cities and abroad will further stimulate the development of the cold chain.

With the accelerating process of urbanization and the continuous escalation of consumer spending, people's further attention to food safety and life and health, the overall development trend of the cold chain industry will continue to rise. Second, the Internet cold chain logistics will continue to exert its force. With the continuous integration of cold chain Internet, the original industrial institutions and supply chain will be remodeled. At the same time, new cold chain business opportunities will be released. Whoever seizes the opportunity will be able to stand out from the crowd. Third, capital will further flow and gather into the cold chain market. In addition to direct entry from manufacturers, traditional logistics providers, e-commerce access, traders (fresh import traders and freight forwarders, etc.), refrigeration equipment manufacturers have entered the cold-chain logistics industry, I believe there will be follow-up . As the third-party cold chain, fresh e-commerce, cold chain zone, and cold storage facilities have become investment hotspots, the involvement and driving force of capital has been increasingly strengthened. In the future, more domestic and foreign companies will have the advantage of carrying capital. Enter the cold chain logistics market. Fourth, the cold storage infrastructure has been continuously upgraded to open up new markets for refrigerated and insulated cars .


According to the estimation of the Ministry of Agriculture, by 2020, the per capita vegetable consumption in China will increase by 30 kg on the basis of the existing 370 kg. The new demand will be mainly resolved by increasing the yield and reducing the loss. In addition, the output of quick-frozen foods has increased at a rate of 20%, and has even grown at a high rate of 35% in the past three years, far higher than the average growth rate of 9% in the world. From the current status of development, refrigerated huge market demand, an urgent need for a substantial increase in cold storage and other cold chain industry, improve and develop China's increasing demands for cold chain, cold chain China is facing great development Historical opportunity. Whether it is the rapid development of the Middle East or the western market, the demand for cold storage is enormous. Fifth, the exponential growth of the express delivery industry has continued to drive the cold chain logistics market segmentation. In recent years, the express delivery industry has developed rapidly with a growth rate of over 50%. It has increased the speed several times that of the national economy and has become a relatively rare industry in the current national economy industry. It is predicted that the compound growth of the 13th five-year express delivery industry will account for about 20%, and the online shopping growth will be 80%. With the continuous subdivision of express delivery market, the last one-kilometre distribution market and mainline transportation market will show a three-dimensional trend, and the cold chain market with fresh delivery will become the hottest market in the logistics segmentation market.


The cold chain market will receive more policy support from the country and its market prospects are immeasurable. As an important part of many links in cold chain logistics, cold chain transportation directly determines the safety and health of the people. As a daily essential fresh food and cold medicine, the market demand is huge. Coupled with China's current food safety and pharmaceutical safety issues are more serious, more emphasis on the market demand for cold chain logistics. In the process of rapid rise of cold chain logistics, the demand for cold chain delivery vehicles has naturally increased. Heavy-duty refrigerated trucks (including refrigerated refrigerated trucks) for long-distance and relocating transport, medium-sized refrigerated trucks for nearby materials, light refrigerated trucks for short-distance distribution, and micro-electric refrigerated trucks that cross the streets will develop rapidly. development of.

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