Many riders have long realized that the profit of mobile refueling vehicles is very substantial. After all, most cars currently running on the roads need refueling, and the number of gas stations installed in some of the more remote areas is relatively small. , so it often happens that the vehicle is in a remote place where no oil can move. At this time, mobile refueling vehicles can be put in important use, but at this time many people can not help but questioned: "Is the mobile refueling vehicles legal? Do these mobile refueling vehicles have supervision departments?"


In fact, the management of mobile refueling vehicles in our country is very strict. Refuelling vehicles are inherently high-risk transport vehicles. Therefore, if you want to operate a mobile refueling vehicle, you must obtain a number of operating licenses prescribed by the state, including “dangerous chemistry. Business licenses, wholesale licenses for refined oil products, and road transport licenses, as well as strict requirements and restrictions on the vehicles used in the operations, and finally obtaining permission from relevant quality inspection authorities. You can handle the procedures for household management.

Secondly, the parking and management of mobile refueling vehicles are strictly required, and special mobile refueling vehicles must be set up to store the carports, and corresponding signs must be made. The mobile refueling vehicle should also pay attention to avoiding other vehicles in the process of driving on the road. The driving of the vehicle is carried out by a dedicated person. Others cannot use the refueling vehicle without permission.

The staff who operate the mobile refueling vehicle must go through professional training and participate in the corresponding assessment before they can take up posts. In the ordinary work, we must pay attention to check the specific conditions of the pressure pump, valves, oil pipelines and other parts, only after confirming that it is normal can start the use, must fill in the corresponding inspection records every day. Therefore, the operation of mobile refueling vehicles is relatively complicated. At the same time, it is a relatively dangerous industry. It is not only related to personal safety, but also involves public safety. Therefore, the responsibility of operators is very critical!

B. Main particulars



Casting iron, Bronze(C51000, C52100, C54400-), Powder metal, Plastic






Up to +/- 0.002mm


As per drawing, as large as we can


CNC turning, CNC turning and milling compound processing, 3/4/5 axis CNC machining center, wire-cutting, EDM, grinding etc.

Finishing surface

Machined surface with oil, blasting and painting, anodize, polishing, powder painting, electrophoretic coating-


as per clients` requirements


material, construction, dimension, heat treatment, hardness, NDT


ISO9001, PPAP control production

Lead time

3-20 days for sample, consult with customer for mass production


Express for sample, ocean shipping/air for mass production

Our Capabilities

CNC machining, CNC center machining, drilling, milling, turning, grinding, tapping, boring

Engineering & manufacturing services

R&D process, tooling and gauging design, product design

Integrated CAD/CAM system, test and measuring


Recyclable, in line with environmental requirements and standards, and reliable

C. Construction

Construction by machining

D Workmanship

The workmanship have good production practice. Care are taken to ensure High accuracy and smooth surfaces 

E. Certificates

- Material certificates

- Measuring reports

- Inspection protocol

- NDT reports

- Fixed certificate: ISO9001 certificate

Photos of our machining

Our service

Besides above the general specifications, we can also supply some specific machining parts as clients' requirements.

Package and shipping

Export cartons, pallets, wooden cases, Polybags

container package and container transportation

CNC Other Parts

CNC Other Parts,Cnc Machine Parts,Cnc Lathe Machine Components ,Cnc Precision Machine Parts

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