Tank trucks and refuellers just look from the top of the form. It really makes those who do not understand the two models puzzled. It is simply not able to distinguish correctly whether it is a tanker or a refuelling vehicle. The two types of vehicles that are the twin brothers, are there those differences?


The tanker is a combination of the use of size components such as drive shafts, tanks, gear pumps, power take-offs, and pipe network systems. Tank trucks are capable of independent sub-warehouses and can also be equipped with chemicals and fuel. In the design of the vehicle, the use of functions such as pumping out, pumping out, pumping in, self-retaining, and overcharging can be realized. Tank trucks are basically designed to be retrofitted for use as chemical transportation vehicles and tanks of various types of heated and insulated series. Tankers are equipped with computer refueling machines. And in the design of the tank is a multi-wave barrier. The ability to use high-pressure gas for test leak detection allows tank trucks to have better strength, a stable center of gravity, and smooth and safe transportation.

The mobile refueling vehicle is based on the tanker and is equipped with a vehicle-mounted computer tax-controlled fuel dispenser. The mobile refueling vehicle can use the oil pump to pump oil into the refueling machine. The refueling tanker's refueling machine can refuel according to the amount of input and the unit of oil (liter) to achieve the number of records, or it can be installed on the flow meter to measure refueling, refueling vehicle flexibility is to Larger, liquidity can be based on actual needs. It is possible to provide refueling needs in locations where large and small cities, suburbs, port terminals, stations, and rural roads do not have gas station facilities. At the same time, it can also provide convenient and fast refueling services for buses, cars, cranes, loaders, and mines. The use of high demand and flexibility are also relatively high. The use of mobile refueling vehicles can well add equipment and machinery that need to be refueled on the basis of less than gas stations, and can be easily added to fuel. It can also be used as a modern mobile gas station.

   G-motor GB24-AC is a kind of ac gear synchronous motor for electric fireplace.It is a feeding motor for fireplace to feed carbon.The Fireplace Gear Motor can be heavy duty loaded and low noise.
   We can also provide Dc Motor For Fireplace,GB24-DC is a 12V/24V DC motor with high torque.Its size is very compact and easy to be installed,which means it can be used for very small fireplace.
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Fireplace Gear Motor

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