Flowers can decorate our lives and bring joy to people. It can be said that our lives require flowers to provide us with colorful and colorful worlds. In recent years, the agricultural sector has collected, preserved and The rational use of flower germplasm resources not only provides many high-quality breeding materials for flower breeding, but also cultivates a large number of new flower varieties. It also greatly promotes the development of the flower industry and meets the development needs of the modern flower industry.

Germplasm resource bank

We know that many germplasm resources of flowers exist in the form of seeds, while the application of germplasm resources in the development of flower industry has the biggest role in long-term and stable preservation of these germplasm resources and maintain their excellent life. Forces and so on, this way, the breeders do not have to worry about the preservation when they carry out the collection of flower planting resources. In addition, the germplasm resource bank also has management functions, and a large number of flower germplasm resources are preserved in the germplasm resource bank. Not only is it stable, but it can also be quickly searched for convenient use of these collected germplasm resources by breeders. In addition, in the protection of rare and endangered flower planting resources, the effect of the germplasm resource pool is also very significant. Through collection and preservation, and then a large number of artificial breeding methods, and then released in the wild, to achieve "reintroduction of species" in situ protection. Therefore, from these perspectives, the germplasm resource bank is very suitable for the protection and utilization of flower germplasm resources.
At present, the germplasm resource pool is widely used in the protection of forest germplasm resources and the protection of crop germplasm resources. Applying it to the development of the flower industry will be conducive to scientifically formulating conservation and utilization plans, and establishing and improving the germplasm resources of flowers. Production and operation management files, the establishment of a database, the implementation of information management, constantly update and enrich new breeding materials, and promote the development of the flower industry.

Sand Making Machine used to produce artificial sand & plaster sand; sand manufactured by crushing,The sand making machine is specially designed for manufacturing artificial sand from the grit. It is a better utilization of the large size of rock materials and stones through rock on rock metal machine mechanism roughly as follows-
Sand and gravel aggregate play an important role in making up building materials like concrete, which makes the separation and screening process extremely necessary.
Sand making production line is also called sand and stone production line. And the sand production line is a kind of special equipment for producing construction sand and stone. The sand making machine for sale is often needed in many fields, and this processing line can meet the requirements of simultaneous production of stone and artificial sand.
The sand manufacturing plant can crush rock, sand, gravel and other materials into various size in accord with the requirement of construction sand. Sand made by sand production line has uniform size and high compression strength, and this kind of sand is much more in line with the construction requirements than the sand processed by the ordinary hammer Sand Crusher Machine.
Three Systems of Sand Plant Equipment:
 sand plant mainly has three systems. Here is their basic information:
Firstly, the feeding system. The system send raw material to Sand Crusher and sand screening machine. According to crush and screen process, feeding equipment includes vibrating feeder and other types of feeding machines.
Secondly, the crushing system. The system is the heart of the whole set of sand processing equipment. The work of sand crushing plant system is to crush different varieties of ore raw materials into the required size of the finished product. A complete stone production line includes many crushers. These crushing machines have different functions, and complete the crushing operation together.
Thirdly, the screening and transporting system. The system screens the ore which are crushed by crushing machinery. In the compound sand and stone production line, sand and stone need to be separated, and the separated material needs to be transported to the respective site. The sand screening equipment used in this process is generally a Linear Vibrating Screen or other sand sieve machine.

Sand Making Equipment

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