Pingdu talc mine is located in the north of Zhifang Village, Malan Town, Pingdu City. It is the largest open pit talc mine in the country. It has rich mining resources and excellent product quality. The proven talc reserves are 4.1 million tons. Talc is a versatile roughness non-metallic mineral material, i.e., hydrated magnesium silicate mineral, having a soft, smooth, fine, odorless, non-powdery sand. It has good chemical properties such as whitening and electrical conductivity. Mainly used in paper, textile, ceramics, rubber, cable, plastics, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and paint industries.
Since 1984, "White Dove" brand textile special grade talcum powder, textile grade talcum powder, medicine, makeup, food grade talcum powder have won four titles. "Baige" brand textile special grade talcum powder, textile grade talcum powder, papermaking grade talcum powder, papermaking second grade talcum powder, medicine, makeup, food grade talcum powder, Y2-1 linoleum talcum powder have won provincial quality products title. In the 1984 national talc evaluation, Pingdu talc textile and paper-making talcum powder was ranked first; in the 1985 national talc evaluation, textile grade, medicine, makeup, food grade talcum powder was rated as the first One; in 1989, the export product was awarded the export exemption certificate by the Shandong Provincial Commodity Inspection Bureau. Pingdu City established the Pingdu talc mine in 1971. The mine is a comprehensive production enterprise integrating mining, mineral processing and talcum powder processing. The main products are: Pingdu special grade, first grade, second grade, third grade, four Grade talc and talc pellets, "White Pigeon" brand special grade, Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, Grade IV talcum powder and 1250 mesh fine talcum powder. The products are known for their whiteness, fineness, low wear and no harmful ingredients. The mineral products are mainly sold to domestic provinces and cities, and exported to Japan, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

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