In July 2006, experimental study of the mine ore Optional carried out to study the material composition of the gold ores, the possibility of useful components and industrial recycling, made the most reasonable beneficiation methods and processes, the development of industrial index, Provide information for the evaluation of gold mines in this mine area, and provide basis for mine development and utilization.

The chemical analysis of the mine by crushing: XU03 ore contains 0.35 g/ton of gold, and XU02 ore contains 0.32 g/ton of gold. The original ore of XU03 contains 0.23 g/ton of gold, and the three points are low in gold. After re-election and flotation, the test results also confirmed that the gold ore grade was only about 0.3 g/ton, and no gold minerals were observed under the microscope. Tianzhou Mining Technology Development Co., Ltd. negotiated with the entrusting unit in time. Due to the low grade of raw ore, the mine will not be carried out.

Medical Products Assembly Machine:

Medical products assembly machine is generally used to assemble parts of medical products to be one whole set, like Syringe Assembly Machine to assemble syringe barrel, plunger, gasket and ready needle, or Needle Assembly Machine to assemble needle cap, needle hub and cannula.

Advantages of medical products assembly machine:

1. Easy operation

2. Highly automatic

3. High production capacity

syringe assembly machine 

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Medical Products Assembly Machine

Medical Products Assembly Machine,Syringe Assembly Machine,Needle Assembly Machine

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