The liquid ammonium sulfate can be obtained by using a spent acid in aqueous ammonia, and the liquid ammonium sulfate can be applied as a liquid nitrogen fertilizer without being concentrated. And if the pH value is too small, too large an acidic, not crop growth; if the pH value is too large, the press water and ferrous sulfate in the spent acid from the reaction of a suspension of the mixed hydroxide angle therein, the inconvenience of administration, It is generally neutralized to weakly acidic and can be applied.
Panzhihua Iron and Steel production of vanadium pentoxide, vanadium Shen needs ammonium sulfate, and the coal itself of ammonia by-product company, they use ammonia and ammonium sulfate waste acid role preparation. The process flow is as follows.
1 The ammonia acid is neutralized with waste acid to a pH of 3, and 97.9% of the soluble titanium in the spent acid is hydrolyzed to form titanium hydroxide, which is added by filtration.
2 The filtrate after the recovery of titanium was continuously added with ammonia to a pH of 8, and 72.1% of ferrous sulfate was hydrolyzed to precipitate of ferrous hydroxide.
3 After filtration, the remaining ferrous sulfate is oxidized to ferric iron by adding hydrogen peroxide to the filtrate, and then the pH is ≥4 to hydrolyze to form iron hydroxide precipitate.
4 After filtration, the filtrate is concentrated by evaporation to a crystal, and then sent to an electric drying oven for drying at 105 ° C to obtain a finished ammonium sulfate having a purity of 96.9%. The relevant reaction formula is as follows:
2NH 3 ·H 2 O+H 2 SO 4 ===(NH 4 ) 2 SO 4 +2H 2 O
TiO 2+ +2OH - ===TiO(OH) 2 ↓
Fe 2+ +2OH - ===Fe(OH) 2 ↓
Fe 3+ +3OH - ===Fe(OH) 3 ↓
Mg 2+ +2OH - ===Mg(OH) 2 ↓
H 2 O 2 +2Fe 2+ +4H 2 O===2Fe(OH) 3 ↓+4H +
The self-made ammonium sulfate was subjected to vanadium precipitation test, and the obtained V 2 O 5 indexes were all qualified, and there was no difference compared with the analysis of pure ammonium sulfate vanadium.
Titanium may return the recovered liquid or soluble titanium phosphate prepared titanium; iron recovery 97.9% precipitated iron hydroxide calcined dehydrated red iron oxide can be prepared. According to statistics, this study not only has significant economic benefits, but also has good social benefits.

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