In addition to the chute, jig and shaking re-election and other general-purpose equipment, but also in recent years there have been many re-election equipment designed to handle sand gold ore, these devices targeted, simple and practical, to get a better sorting effect. The following are some of the more important ones.
      1. Ross (ROSS) chute The United States and Canada have achieved great success with the bulldozer-Ross chute mining gold. The gold mining method has a large processing capacity, does not require the establishment of a permanent factory building, is easy to relocate, is easy to maintain, and is stable and reliable in production, and fine-grained gold can be fully recovered. It is especially suitable for small and rich gold deposits, terraced gold deposits and gold mining that is difficult to mine with gold mining vessels.
      The production process of the Ross chute is: using a bulldozer and an excavator to load the gold-bearing sand mine into the supply tank at the upper end of the chute, and spraying the ore with a large amount of high-pressure water; under the condition of sufficient washing, the ore is carried out through the steel plate with the sieve hole Screen washing; fine-grained ore is paved with perforated strips through the funnel felt. When the gold-containing slurry flows through the grid, it is layered according to density and particle size, and the gold is enriched on the plastic felt at the bottom of the chute. Many domestic units have conducted extensive research on the Ross chute. According to China's national conditions and the characteristics of the Ross chute, the Heilongjiang Provincial Gold Company has designed and manufactured the Longjiang-I type chute to achieve the expected results through industrial tests, and the recovery rate can reach over 80%. .
      2. Mechanical gold panning This type of equipment has a variety of types such as spiral disc concentrator , flat panning pan, cone type centrifugal disc, etc., all of which are enhanced by the combined action of centrifugal force and gravity.
      The disc concentrator is mainly composed of three parts: 1) a conical bottom disc with an Archimedes spiral on the upper surface. 2) Bracket with motor. 3) Sprinkler pipe. The disc tilt angle can be adjusted, generally 32° to 35°. During operation, the disc rotates obliquely, and the sprinkler pipe continuously sprays water from the disc. The ore is fed from the edge of the disk, and the slurry flows in the disk. Due to the centrifugal force and gravity, heavy sand minerals and gold particles are deposited and moved along the spiral groove toward the disk core. During this process, the material in the tank is subjected to the action of the flushing water, and the light mineral is continuously washed out and flows to the pulp area connected to the tray, and is discharged out of the tray with the overflow. The heavy mineral is protected by the groove at the bottom of the ditch, is not easily washed out, and finally discharged from the core hole to become a concentrate. When the YX-ф800 disc concentrator developed by Guangxi Metallurgical Research Institute gives a particle size of -6 mm, the treatment capacity can reach 1.2 tons/hour. After one sorting, the enrichment ratio can reach 20 to 35 times, and the recovery rate of gold is 96. ~99%. The machine is small and light, with large processing capacity, convenient for carrying and relocation, easy to operate, and is not restricted by terrain. The sorting water can be recycled. It is suitable for water shortage and water shortage. It can be used on gold mining vessels or small. The mobile gold selection unit is a promising gold re-election equipment.

Ductile Spindle Assembly is a crucial part for your lawn mower cutting deck that work together with the pulleys and belts to perform clean and even mowing. 

It is combined from bearings, spindle housings, spindles, tubes, dust cap, screw nuts, etc.


Which kind of spindle assembly does QFQP produce?

We produce various kinds of spindle assembly, especial for riding mower (with aluminum/ductile iron housings). All parts assembled by our experienced workers.


Where are the products sold?

Main of our customers is from USA, CANADA.

 Ductile Iron Spindle Assembly


Why choose QFAP?

We have specialized in producing high precision mechanical parts more than 10years, got 6years experience on mower Deck Spindle assembly.

All of our cooperators are large mower companies or agricultural equipment companies, such as Badboy Mowers, Wood-Mizer, Caterpillar, etc.

Because of the long term cooperation, we could supply our customers not only the products but also our recommendation on the designs to saving costs.

Ductile Iron Spindle Assembly

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