On September 14, 2018, the off-line ceremony for 11 military bulldozers in Shanghai Pengpu was held at the Lingang factory. Leaders from all levels of Shanghai Pengpu participated in this unforgettable moment.

Shanghai Pengpu military bulldozer off the assembly ceremony was held

Xu Yan, general manager of Shanghai Pengpu, said in his speech that the company has always attached importance to fulfilling corporate social responsibility and providing users with satisfactory products. Since 1970, Shanghai Pengpu has been closely cooperating with the military and has delivered nearly 3,000 military equipments of various types. The continuous development of military products has run through the development of Pengpu for nearly 60 years. The introduction of military products has been integrated into Pengpu products. The history of evolution.

At present, in the peak season of the market, the company's products are in short supply. Faced with the original urgent production tasks, 11 military bulldozers were completed in just 60 days from the order confirmation to the final assembly. Shanghai Pengpu exerts the enthusiasm of “the art is more painful, why is it unsuccessful”, and does not disgrace the mission and successfully complete the assembly and manufacturing tasks. It has achieved the glorious mission of "passing on the red gene, resolutely completing the task", "promoting the integration of the military and the people, and courageously taking the heavy responsibility of the military."

Military bulldozer

In 2018, it was the third year of Shanghai Pengpu's move into the new factory in Lingang. Under the guidance of the Group's “New Four” strategy, it insisted on innovation and transformation, and developed and manufactured the bulldozer of SAIC Group's excellent vehicle gene implantation company. In the middle, it has achieved certain results.


Let us go hand in hand, wait and see

On March 18th, 2019, Shanghai Pengpu is about to celebrate its 60th birthday. At that time, it will surely show our users, old and new friends a scene of “new and ever-changing”. Let us join hands and wait and see! (This article is from Shanghai Pengpu)

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