When the LBQC explosion-proof electromagnetic starter reaches the rated number of revolutions, the start-up process ends. The soft starter automatically replaces the completed thyristor with the bypass contactor to provide the rated voltage for the normal operation of the motor to reduce the heat loss of the thyristor and extend the softness. The life of the starter increases the efficiency of its work, and the grid is protected from harmonic pollution.
The starter is connected in series between the power source and the controlled motor, and the internal thyristor is triggered to conduct the AC voltage regulation by the microcomputer, so that the input voltage of the motor gradually rises from zero with a preset function relationship until the end of the start, and the motor is given to the motor. At full voltage, during the starting process, the starting torque of the motor is gradually increased, and the rotational speed is gradually increased until the thyristor is fully turned on, and the motor operates on the mechanical characteristics of the rated voltage to achieve a smooth start and reduce the starting current. Avoid starting the overcurrent trip. When the motor reaches the rated number of revolutions, the starting process ends and the rated voltage is provided for the normal operation of the motor.
When using the LBQC explosion-proof electromagnetic starter , the following parameters can be used before being measured.
Voltage measurement: The voltage on the input side of the inverter is the sine wave voltage of the network. It can be measured by any type of meter: the voltage on the output side is a square wave pulse sequence, and it also contains many high-order harmonic components. Since the torque of the motor is mainly related to the fundamental wave of the voltage, it is preferable to use a rectifying type meter.
Waveform measurement: When using an oscilloscope to measure the main circuit voltage and current waveforms, a high voltage probe must be used. If a low voltage probe is used, it needs to be isolated with a transformer or other isolator.
When measuring insulation, the connection to the power supply and the motor should be disconnected first, then all the input and output terminals should be connected, and the insulation resistance should be measured with a megohmmeter.
Current measurement: The input and output currents of the inverter contain various high-order harmonic components. The electromagnetic meter should be used because the current indicated by the electromagnetic meter is an effective value.

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