Like "Wandering Earth", the excavator unexpectedly ignited a fire in 2018, setting a new record with a total sales volume of 203,000 units!

Of the 203,000 units sold, 5 ≤ a ≤ 6 tons contributed the most, accounting for more than 24%, which means that for every four excavators sold in the market, one of them belongs to this ton! Therefore, if you want to seize the opportunity and start an exciting excavator to create wealth, buy a small excavation of 5 ≤ a ≤ 6 tons is undoubtedly a very safe choice!

Today, the editor of China Construction Machinery Trading Network recommends a strength of 5 ≤ a ≤ 6 tons - Wacker Neuson ET60 excavator!

Wacker Neuson ET60 excavator

Wacker Neuson, from Germany, is a household name for centuries at the other end of Eurasia. Compared to other excavator brands, Wacker Neuson specializes in small equipment for the production of small micro-digging and paving machinery. In 2018, it ranked 22nd in the global construction machinery rankings, and was the only small-digging manufacturer on the list.

Ranked 22nd in the global construction machinery rankings in 2018

This ET60 excavator is a new generation of small products launched by Wacker Neuson for the Chinese market. It is a fine tradition of German precision manufacturing, deeply combined with the Chinese market and user needs, and carefully designed for Chinese users. Small digging products. Rich German blood, the pursuit of quality in the past 170 years, is destined to the extraordinary strength of ET60!

Strong, durable, no fear of harsh environment

The ET60 excavator is equipped with a Yanmar 4TNV94L direct-injection 4-cylinder high-efficiency engine with powerful dynamic performance; Bosch Rexroth main valve and variable displacement hydraulic pump, combined with Bosch Rexroth LUDV load-sensing system, optimize compound action, low fuel consumption Under the conditions, the smooth and powerful operation performance, efficient, fast and smooth response to the operating environment under a variety of complex conditions.

Equipped with Yanmar 4TNV94L engine

Equipped with Bosch Rexroth main valve


The main components are made of high-strength and lightweight steel. The overall structure is reinforced. The reinforcement plate is added in the area where the force is strong. The stress is tested to enhance the durability of the large and small arms. The 400mm steel track is equipped as standard, and the X-shaped structure is adopted. The entire equipment is safer, more reliable and durable.

Reinforce the durability of the arms

Standard 400mm steel track, X-shaped frame

The side-mounted fixed boom design makes the whole machine more powerful and powerful.

Side fixed boom design

The above design allows the ET60 excavator to undertake a variety of high-load working environments, even in the harsh environment of high altitude, dust, high temperature, etc. It can also perform excellently under heavy load conditions.

Comfortable, safe and easy to maintain

The ET60 cab is newly designed with good sealing, low noise, low vibration and isolation from high temperature areas. It is designed with 6 adjustable air outlets, optimized air circulation circulation, excellent cooling effect and comfortable working environment.

New design of the cab, good sealing

The cab is ergonomically designed with a wide field of view with no obstruction, 360° and no dead angle, making it safer and safer to operate.

Good view, 360° no dead angle

Simple operation, at a glance

ET60 maintenance work saves time and effort through exquisite and rigorous internal design and external structure –

Maintenance work saves time and effort

The cyclone air filter system reduces dust entering the air filter, and the air filter replacement cycle is extended from 500 hours to 1000 hours, effectively reducing the cost of service parts.

New metal cover opens at a large angle for easy maintenance

The main components are designed reasonably and easily accessible

The new metal cover is opened at a large angle, and the radiator drain valve, fuel filter, oil-water separator and fuel tank drain valve are designed to be easy to reach; the slewing bearing lubricates the front of the nozzle for easy maintenance; the heavy-duty bushing is used for daily lubrication. Lubrication devices, etc., all of which effectively improve the convenience of the service.

Efficient, low-cost, user-preferred construction

The Wacker Neuson ET60 is a standard tail excavator with an operating weight of 5.7 tons. It is also specially developed for the 5.5-ton excavator on the market, but it is larger in size (length, width and height) than other brands. As we all know, the excavator is settled in the tonnage market according to the tonnage, so in theory, the choice of products with larger tonnage can get a higher construction unit price.

Main parameters of ET60 excavator

Look at the other. The ET60 excavator has a maximum working radius of 5958mm, a digging depth of 3727mm, a digging force of 36.3kN, and a bucket capacity of 0.22m3, which can effectively cope with wide, deep and large engineering operations. At the same time, the ET60 uses a large-capacity fuel tank of up to 109L, which makes the working time longer and more work. The fuel consumption is lower and more economical and practical under the same working conditions.

Excavation depth 3727mm

0.22m3 large capacity bucket

The ET60 excavator is designed and developed by Wick Neuson for the needs of the Chinese market. It is designed to cope with the growing urban infrastructure construction, new rural construction, basic water conservancy and earthwork operations in complex environments, whether it is excavation, loading or small. The dozing work can easily cope with the excellent performance and meet the value needs of users.

More durable, more reliable, less expensive and more efficient! This is the Wacker Neuson ET60 excavator that is “different” because of German descent!

Wacker Neuson ET60 excavator

It is not to be missed that Wacker Neuson is launching a new machine test drive in conjunction with the China Construction Machinery Trading Network. The current activities are in full swing and interested users are welcome to sign up. All registered participants have the opportunity to receive exquisite gifts and draw awards such as jackets and business backpacks.

Scan the QR code in the picture to open a passionate journey of inspiration!

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