On March 1, 2019, according to German media reports, ZF is considering the acquisition of WABCO, a supplier of commercial vehicle safety and efficiency control systems. The two sides have already initiated preliminary negotiations, but no agreement has been reached yet. As soon as the news came out, WABCO's share price rose 8% on the day and the closing price was $130.49. At present, WABCO's market value is about $6.2 billion.

ZF considers the acquisition of WABCO, a supplier of commercial vehicle safety and efficiency control systems ZF considers the acquisition of WABCO, a supplier of commercial vehicle safety and efficiency control systems

Subsequently, WABCO issued a statement saying, "As a response to market speculation, we confirmed to the outside world today that ZF has contacted WABCO and has conducted preliminary negotiations on potential transactions." WABCO headquarters is located in Brussels. The main business is commercial vehicle brake control systems and other safety technologies, with approximately 15,000 employees in 40 countries around the world. According to the financial report released by WABCO last week, its 2018 sales and profits have set a new record, with sales of 3.83 billion US dollars and net income of 418 million US dollars.

A ZF spokesperson told the media that “ZF will regularly review strategic plans such as acquisitions, but there is no decision yet.” In fact, ZF has carried out a large number of acquisitions in the past. In 2014, it acquired Tianhe for $13.5 billion and entered the highly profitable auto-driving car market.

In June 2018, when ZF CEO Wolf-Henning Scheider was asked if he was still interested in WABCO, Wolf-Henning Scheider said that due to the company's ongoing electrification and autonomous driving, the brake system is currently Not the point. It is reported that ZF plans to invest more than 12 billion euros in the field of electric travel and automatic driving.

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