The weather was fine on May 9th, 2019. Recently, many customers called to say that I want to buy a 10-14 ton rear eight-wheel (post-double bridge) truck crane, but our road conditions are complicated, the terrain is narrow, U-shaped There are many corners, and the rear eight-wheeled truck crane 5900mm wheelbase is too long and the corner is not flexible. What should I do? The following is a truck-mounted crane friends across the country to introduce a Dongfeng company to meet customer demand, especially developed for the launch of a mountain road after a short wheelbase of 5300mm Crane Shuangqiao 12 tons crane, eight Dongfeng Crane.

Dongfeng rear eight-wheel 14-ton 12-ton truck-mounted chassis configuration: Dongfeng special base chassis, D913 cab, rear eight-wheel 6×4 axle, Yuchai 240 hp engine, Faster 9-speed gearbox, front axle 5.5 tons, 11.5 tons double rear axle, 300mm partial three-story girders, 5400mm+1300mm wheelbase 11.00R20 steel wire tires, standard: ABS, direction assist, lower protection, air brake, central locking, air conditioning, headlight adjustment device.

After the short wheelbase, the double bridge (the last eight rounds) Dongfeng truck crane crane parameters: Xugong 12 tons four-section straight-arm crane, model SQS300-4, operating on the high-altitude seat, the crane lifting height of 14.5 meters, The maximum working radius is 12.5 meters. The crane is 1.2 tons in the horizontal direction when the boom is fully extended. The whole vehicle is also equipped with all-inclusive square cavity hydraulic legs, two tails and two rear cabs. The four hydraulic legs can be horizontally extended up and down. When the crane is working, the use of the legs can reduce the weight of the frame and reduce the height of the center of the machine, thereby improving the stability of the vehicle.


The outer dimensions of the 12-ton truck-mounted crane truck of the double-bridge after the Dongfeng special base are 7500×2450×550mm, the thickness of the box board is 3mm, the bottom plate is 5mm, the thickness of the box plate can be customized according to the needs, the sub-beam at the bottom of the carriage The 12×12 national standard square steel is used, and a 10×10 beam is laid at intervals of 30 cm, which greatly increases the bearing capacity. If it is a pull rod, the main focus is on the frame of the gantry and the rear fence. These two parts are the most critical parts of the pull rod and the crane, and should be reinforced.


Dongfeng special rear double bridge short wheelbase 12 tons truck crane reminds you: Although the short wheelbase is a mountain road buster, but in the mountains up and down the slope, it is still very dangerous, when going uphill, must keep double with the previous car Distance, strive to complete the climb in one go. In case the wheel slips due to icing on the ground when climbing, you can sprinkle some sand or felt on the front and rear of the wheel to increase the friction. If necessary, tools can also be used to make hard ice on the ground into a horizontal groove to avoid wheel slippage. When going downhill, you must smoothly change to the first gear, and use the low speed gear to reduce the speed.


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Peristaltic pump
There are a few plaster sprayers that have a peristaltic pump (a tube squeezed by rollers) which also requires compressed air to produce a spray. These types of plaster sprayer can also spray textured coatings with particle sizes up to about 3mm diameter, providing that they are not solvent based.

Piston pump
Newer types of plaster sprayer have a piston pump, which has sufficient pressure to spray smooth (untextured) plaster without compressed air. Full airless pumps are sometimes used to spray smooth plaster, although they are not ideal as the flow rate is too low for volume projects; however, they can be used to spray solvent-based plasters.

Air operated piston type supply pumps can put out as much as 27 gpm. Like the Graco Bulldog 10:1 at about 9 gpm and the Lincoln Pile driver 5:1 at about 27 gpm. These flow-rates are calculated at a maximum of 120 cfm air supply. Material supply hoses are medium pressure at about 600 psi. These pumps are material supply pumps only and additional air is required at the Spray Gun to propel the material to the surface. These guns are usually an internal mixture type guns where the material and air exits the gun together.

Pump Assembly

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