Iveco's leap forward to Europe's initial listing in Shanghai, it is understood that the launch of a total of 11 series of three types of European car meter. Among them, the Eucalyptus N series sold 79,800 yuan, which is even more favorable than the price of light trucks equipped with domestically produced III engines. The Iveco Sophie III engine is an internationally recognized, better State III diesel engine product that ensures Oka’s core competitive advantage.

As the first domestic light truck product led by the European Commercial Vehicle Company, the “V” streamline design of the EU card has a clear European style. According to reports, Oka has introduced IVECO's "lean manufacturing" management model and European synchronized AUDIT quality control system. It has fully adopted IVECO's powertrain, including core components such as Sophie III diesel engine. From the aspects of design, manufacture, testing, etc., Oka has reached the "Europe truck standards."

Vacuum sewage/Fecal suction truck is a new type of sanitation vehicles used for collection, is also called Vacuum tank truck, Vacuum cleaning truck,for transfer, cleaning and transportation of sludge, sewage, which avoids the secondary pollution. Vacuum sewage suction truck can be self-priming and self-draining, The high working efficiency, large capacity, convenient transportation make  Vacuum sewage suction truck suitable for collection and transportation of waste, mud, oil and other liquid substance. Vacuum sewage suction truck adopts domestic technology leading  vacuum pump that has large suction power, wide suction range, especially applicable for sewer sediment suction, loading and unloading. The most extinguishing advantage is that it can suck sewer mud, mud, stones, bricks and other large objects.

vacuum sewage suction is a little different with Vacuum Fecal suction truck:

1, vacuum sewage suction truck Have lift tank system can dump by itself, but Vacuum Fecal truck no.

2, Vacuum sewage suction truck can open rear door by hydraulic, but Vacuum fecal truck no.

3, Vacuum sewage suction tanker is round, but Vacuum fecal tanker is ellipse.

4, Vacuum seage truck price is  higher than Fecal tanker truck.

Vacuum Sewage/Fecal Suction Truck

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