China's largest superfine grinding equipment manufacturer, Beijing Ruichi Tuowei Technology Co., Ltd., will supply two wet ultrafine grinding machines ordered by Sichuan Longxi Group for the production of titanium dioxide. The sand mill is an indispensable equipment for the dispersion grinding of the matting agent titanium dioxide added in the production of chemical fiber. At present, 90% of the sand mills used in China are imported products, and there are widespread problems such as high prices, long parts supply cycles, and poor after-sales services. Domestic sand mills are difficult to be selected by chemical fiber design institutes and end customers because of design methods, material selection, and backward manufacturing processes.

Car Blanket is also called as auto blanket, as it is normally used for keeping warm in the car.

As a result, it is normally used in the open air. When people go out for a picnic and want to have a snap in the daylight or even spend the whole night outside, then the car blanket would be a best choice for you.

It uses 12V voltage, rather than AC power.

You just need to plug it into cigarette lighter of your car, and it the blanket will keep you warm.

Below image as a reference:

car blanket

Car Blanket

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