Solenoid valve is used to control the flow of fluid based on the basic components, are actuators; usually used for mechanical control and industrial valves above the direction of the medium to control, so as to achieve the control of the valve switch. Gas solenoid valve is suitable for city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gases for heating the combustion medium pipeline to do two on-off switch, the implementation of automatic temperature control agencies. It is widely used in the textile industry, the printing industry, gas heat setting and glass, light bulbs furnace heating and other industries gas heating automatic control system. Gas solenoid valve is the gas pipeline safety emergency shut-off device. It can be connected with the gas leakage alarm system or with fire alarm and other intelligent alarm control terminal module, etc., to achieve on-site or remote automatic / manual emergency cut off gas source, to ensure gas safety. The valve will close automatically when a harmful and violent vibration occurs. Opened the valve to be manually intervened, manually open to meet the safety management practices, in line with the characteristics of the accident handling. Domestic and foreign gas solenoid valve from the principle is divided into three categories, but from the valve structure and material differences and the principle of difference It is divided into six sub-categories. First, the direct-acting gas solenoid valve: electromagnetic coil electromagnetic force to the closure from the valve seat lift, gas solenoid valve works: when powered. The valve opens; when the power is off, the electromagnetic force dissipates, the spring presses the closure against the valve seat, and the valve is closed. But the path is generally not more than 25mm Solenoid valve features: vacuum, negative pressure, zero pressure can work normally. Second, the spread of direct-acting gas solenoid valve: When there is no pressure difference between the inlet and the inlet, gas solenoid valve works: a direct acting and pilot-based combination of the principle. Power, the electromagnetic force directly to the pilot valve and the main valve closing member in turn lifted up, the valve open. When the import and export to start the pressure difference, the power, the solenoid pilot small valve, the lower pressure in the main valve rises, the pressure drop on the cavity, so that the use of pressure to push the main valve upward; power off, the pilot valve spring Force or media pressure to promote the closure, move down, the valve closed. But the power is larger, the solenoid valve features: zero pressure or vacuum, high pressure can also * action. Request a required level device. Third, the pilot gas solenoid valve: gas solenoid valve pilot hole open, gas solenoid valve works: when powered. The pressure on the upper chamber quickly landed, the formation of the upper and lower closure around the high pressure drop, the fluid pressure to promote closure of the upward movement, the valve opens; power failure, the pilot force of the pilot hole closed, the inlet pressure through the bypass hole agile chamber Off the valve around the formation of low pressure on the high pressure, fluid pressure to promote closure of the downward move, closing the valve. Can be installed (to be customized), but must meet the fluid pressure conditions. Solenoid valve features: High fluid pressure limit higher category. More keyword search: Solenoid valve

Sterile Vacuum Vials

Sterile vacuum vials are used for allergist,mixing injectable products or nuclear medicine, PET-CT, Liquid collection.Sterile vacuum vials are produced by aluminum caps, non-latex butyl stoppers and SCHOTT Neutral Type I glass vials. They are approved by cGMP and FDA with internally sterile.The production process is carried out under strict Class 100 workshop. Finished vials can meet the FDA`s authorised 14-day sterility test.

Sterile Vacuum Glass Vials,Sterile Evacuated Vials,Sterile Evacuated Glass Vials

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