1 The CNC punch press is currently used by many domestic and powerful manufacturers for its convenience, speed, and high precision. Its greatest features are the following aspects.
1.1 Convenient to use, save the cost of mold opening CNC turret punch press is the most vital product of pressure processing equipment for collecting machine, electricity, and liquid. It can be used to process all kinds of metal sheet parts and can automatically complete various complex holes at one time. Type and shallow deep-drawing processing, (according to requirements, different holes with different shapes and hole diameters can be automatically processed, and small punches can be used to punch big round holes, square holes, waist holes, and curves of various shapes. Profiles can also be processed by special processes such as shutters, shallow drawing, counterbore, flanged holes, ribs, embossing, etc.). Through a simple mold assembly, compared with traditional stamping, it saves a lot of mold costs, can use low-cost and short-cycle processing of small quantities, diversified products, has a larger processing range and processing capacity, so as to adapt to the market in time Changes with the product.
1.2 High precision CNC punching machine with high punching precision, small punching and burr, good workpiece flatness, less follow-up processing, low reject rate, high forming quality, and dimensional accuracy of several punches can reach 0.1 mm in general, and product size consistency it is good.
1.3 High production efficiency, fast delivery time CNC punch processing speed, the general hydraulic equipment stroke rate of up to 500 ~ 600 times min, and some even up to 900 times min, the maximum positioning speed up to 100mmin or more. For a large-size sheet, it can be completed in a single process, and unlike conventional processing, it requires multiple processes and processes on many different equipment. In this way, due to the reduction of intermediate links, post-processing processes are reduced, mold design is reduced, and through simple molds and CNC integrated processing, labor is greatly saved and costs are reduced.
1.4 Punching and Forming Different CNC punch presses can be processed in addition to simple punches and rotary dies, but they can also be formed (such as blind shutters, bumps, and flanging). , can also be processed thread, etc., with great flexibility.

Park Indicator

Park indicator


This tool is designed for accurate parking. if you have a problem with the appraisals, how far is the automobile from the wall when the park, you can use this device to avoid collision. the ultrasonic technology, which works automatically. let you know the sound and the three led lights. is a 9v battery (6f22) or an external source that provides a dc voltage of 9v. it consists of a display unit, a sensor unit and a cable. it also has low battery indication.


1. ultrasonic hole

2. the switch

3. the input jack (external power supply)

4. red ice

5. the yellow led

6. the green ice

7. the hummer


According to figures 2 and 3 include imaging and sensor unit on the wall. the imaging unit should be attached so that her driver knew. the sensor unit is mounted directly below the display, typically 0.7 to 0.9 metres above the ground. Different vehicles may lower the sensor unit at different locations. a small adjustment may be necessary.

Make sure it's an ultrasonic aperture at the same level as the bumper or the license plate to the ultrasound reflected back to the sensor unit.

After the completion of the installation, try parking your car using the apparatus to make sure that it is installed correctly.


1. the cable should be firmly connected to the sensor and a display unit.

2. make sure that a sensor unit is no obstacle, which could get in the way of ultrasound.

3. an ultrasonic aperture should be at the same height as a buffer or a plate.

Picture 2 Picture 3

ultrasonic aperture is at the same height as a buffer the imaging unit should be attached t to the driver can see

or license plate

The operating instructions

1. turn on the machine.

2. the three led is lit under the conditions of figure 4. the horizontal axis indicates the distance between the sensor unit and the car. the sensor unit is in position zero.

3. when the distance between the sensor unit and the car between 0.4 m and about 5 m:

a. And on ice and apparatus make a sound when the automobile approaches the unit.

Note: the frequency of the alarm buzzer is constant, the distance between the car and the sensor unit less than approximately 0.5 m. if the distance between approximately 0.5 m and about 5 m, the frequency of the alarm buzzer varies with distance. the shorter the distance, the higher the frequency of the alarm buzzer.

b. the buzzer will issue a beep, and then shuts down when the car stops to move toward the sensor unit or when the automobile stops to move to the sensor unit and begins to move away from her.

c. the machine lights up ice and turns off the sound when the automobile is moving from the sensor unit.

d. the apparatus off ice for approximately 20 seconds after the automobile is parked.

4. the machine stops any indication about after 20 seconds, if the distance between the vehicle and the sensor unit is less than 0.4 m. if the car is moving from the sensor units and is about 0.4 m far away from her, the buzzer will issue a beep, and then shuts down.


1. the machine can work continuously and automatically. if it is not long time to use, remove the battery or the external power supply.

2. when you use the machine, make sure there are no sources in the vicinity of the ultrasound.

3. use the device only in dry and clean the garage, in which there is no draft.

4. do not open the machine before the machine off. to prevent electric shock.

5. if entering the garage the car is going too fast, it may reduce the accuracy.

6. do not use the appliance when the casing is disconnected or the battery or part of the housing.

7. do not use the apparatus in the vicinity of explosive gases, vapours or dust.

8. the maximum detection capacity of the apparatus is 5 meters.

The exchange of the battery:

If the buzzer to sound and three led flashing at the same time, you should immediately to replace the battery. Before the exchange battery device turn off and unplug the external power supply.

Remove the batteries and the rear side of the sensor unit, replace a dead battery in a same type.

Battery back cover back.

The basic specifications:

Low battery indication: the three led at the same time, buzzer and flashing.

Power: 9v battery (6f22 or equivalent) or an external source two 9v.

Working temperature: 32 today when 50°c, air humidity < 75%.

Storage temperature: - 50 degrees to 135, air humidity < 85%.

Size: display: 185 x 61 x 31 mm.

The sensor unit: 82 x 61 x 37 mm. weight: approximately 180 g (without battery)


1. the content of this manual may be changed without notice.

2. the manufacturer does not assume responsibility for any loss.

3. the contents of this manual may be used j

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