At the 12th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2011), people from SKF (SKF Group) booth came and went. The 60-square-meter stand showcases SKF's products for the machine tool industry, including super-precision bearings, lubrication systems, seals, condition detection products, spindle maintenance, bearing installation and removal tools, linear guides and screw, belt chain and other products. .

Wolfgang Biesold, manager of SKF's global machine tool industry, and Germany's machine tool industry manager Li Hongwei, who specially went to the exhibition from Germany, detailed the features and functions of various products and received interviews from reporters.

The complete set of solutions "SKF not only provides bearings for China's machine tool industry, but also provides a complete set of solutions related to bearings." This is a content repeatedly emphasized by Wolfgang Biesold and Li Hongwei.

In fact, SKF's complete solution is a more complete product system than bearing products, including super-precision bearings, lubrication systems, seals, spindle maintenance, and status inspection products. At the booth, the reporter saw that these products were all placed on different display shelves in different categories, and were equipped with professional and technical personnel next to each display stand to explain.

SKF-SNFA super-precision bearings are suitable for the machine tool industry. These bearings are faster and more powerful in machine tool applications. SKF-SNFA super precision bearings can provide NITROMAX ultra-clean stainless steel bearings. Under good lubrication conditions, the fatigue life can be extended by 600% compared to standard bearing steels. In addition, NITROMAX also has superior anti-corrosion properties and impact resistance. SKF can provide special bearings with specific inner and outer diameter tolerances and different contact angles according to customer requirements.

The lubrication products and services provided by SKF include the LubriLean dry cutting system and the SKF oil + air lubrication system. Lué„„briLean represents the latest development trend for the minimum amount of lubricant technology (MQL), which can reduce the processing time by 30% to 50%, extend the tool life by more than 3 times, save energy by 90%, and help to greatly reduce the amount of coolant used. , with the current green, environmental protection concept fits. "We also fully consider for our customers and provide customized services," WOLFGANG said.

SKF also provides spindle status diagnostics for the machine tool industry. Based on the theory of vibration analysis, SKF can diagnose and detect the mechanical state of the spindle, dynamic balance, bearing status, blade end hopping, clamping force, belt tension, and resonance.

Strong service support WOLFGANG said that SKF now has global spindle service centers in 15 countries around the world. It specializes in bearings, lubrication, seals, and condition detection. It is the largest network of machine tool spindle repairs and upgrades worldwide. one. In China, SKF has two solution factories in Shanghai and Tianjin to provide corresponding support services to meet the growing domestic demand.

At the same time, SKF also provides customers with specialized knowledge and support for different industries from the perspective of customers in order to achieve a win-win situation with customers. Such as SKF with their accumulated knowledge and experience in the automotive industry over more than half a century, to provide machine tool users with high-speed, high-precision complete sets of bearing solutions to help machine tool products to maximize the processing requirements of the automotive industry. At the same time, for the aerospace industry, SKF will provide high-performance bearing products to machine tool companies to meet the technical standards of the aerospace industry with high reliability and safety.

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