Recently, the Hengtong CKZ6126HENV3 gas/electric hybrid city bus introduced in Hohhot was formally operated.

The CKZ6126HENV3 gas/electric hybrid city bus was put into operation in 50 buses in Chongqing in June 2010. It has the advantages of strong power, stable performance, low noise of the whole vehicle, obvious emission reduction effect, and high reliability. A single vehicle is demonstrated in bus lines. More than 80,000 kilometers, the average solar rate of about 25%.

Hohhot is one of the 25 pilot cities for demonstration and promotion of energy conservation and new energy vehicles in the national public service sector. In recent years, it has been aiming to build a harmonious and livable city and a “new energy capital”, while the CKZ6126HENV3 gas/electric hybrid city bus has been The cost-effective and good market operation strength meets the requirements of Hohhot in all aspects. It has won the first batch of passes to enter Hohhot. The first batch of Hengtong 50 gas/electric hybrid city buses will be allocated to the main branches of Hohhot. Road to operate.

Founded in 1939 by the industry as "China Bus Transportation Solution Solution Expert", Hengtong Bus is one of the largest professional bus manufacturers in China and a pioneer and promoter of urban bus manufacturing in New China. In the past 70 years, we have continued to strengthen our professional capabilities in bus and bus, in-depth study of regional road characteristics, traffic conditions, energy, public needs, and other differences, developed 5-12 meters of single fuel, dual fuel highways, bus passenger cars. More than 140 countries have announced products in 15 series. The products have been sold well in more than a dozen provincial capital cities such as Tianjin, Sichuan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Gansu and Xinjiang, and nearly 100 small and medium-sized cities, and have been exported to Thailand, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, etc. In more than 20 countries, adhering to the brand concept of “professional creative value”, Hengtong Bus will continue to exert its profound historical accumulation and strong technical advantages in the bus industry.

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