Since the publication of the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the strategic transformation of the industry has become the main content of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. As the leading company in the leap-forward transformation of Shanxi Province, the 2011 Grand Canal Heavy Truck will receive both sales and service network quality. Quick mention

After experiencing actual sales in the first half of 2011, the 2011 service policy of the Universiade Heavy Trucks successfully helped the sales work to achieve the leap of recovery, catch-up, and surpass. At present, there are more than 400 national first-class special service stations in the face of increasing users. As a group, the Universiade Heavy Trucks timely adjusted the service policies, conformed to the Universiade sales trend, and further satisfied the personalized needs of customers.

In order to promote the development of heavy-duty truck sales and services, and to reflect the service philosophy of Universiade care and ubiquity, and constantly upgrade the core competitiveness of products and customer satisfaction, Universiade decided to start with the purchase of car users and service stations and introduce four major adjustments. Measures.

Extended warranty period

In 2011, the Universe Heavy Trucks still adhered to the principle that the new brand was higher than the Friendship Brand in the warranty policy. The Universiade heavy truck products were divided by road vehicles and non-highway vehicles, and the warranty period and mileage were adjusted.

Adjusted warranty policy:

Highway vehicles: 4 months / 200,000 kilometers!

Non-road vehicles: 9 months unlimited mileage!

The warranty period for basic and important components has been substantially extended, adding confidence to users' purchases!

Expand service radius

In order to effectively meet the service needs of users in remote areas, speed up the rescue of service stations, and to solve the problem of user vehicles at the first time, the company vigorously expanded the radius of outbound services and sent out rescue applications at a service radius of 400 km, 200 km, and 100 km. Divide. This measure has greatly reduced the intermediate links, accelerated the improvement of the service quality of the Grand Canal Heavy Trucks, and more closely matched the needs of users.

Discounted accessory support policy

In order to ensure the timely and effective supply of spare parts to the user's vehicles, the Universiade Heavy-duty Trucks Co., Ltd. has adopted a 10,000 yuan push-pull distribution policy, and purchased 60,000 yuan worth of accessories to distribute 60,000 yuan worth of accessories, and suspended the door to send 20,000 yuan worth of accessories. And introduced the exchange policy of accessories, thereby eliminating the concerns of service stations, providing protection for users' accessories services.

Turning hours for force

Starting from July 2011, to improve the service station's enthusiasm for the after-sales service of the Universiade and heavy trucks, and to expand the scope of beneficiaries of the service stations, the Universiad Corporation will adjust the double-duty policy as follows:

Accessories inventory more than 60,000 yuan, working hours, 160% settlement!

Inventory more than 100,000 yuan, 200% working hours settlement!

This adjustment will allow more service stations to enjoy the advantages of the double-duty policy of the UPS.

The Red Fortune announced its true feelings policy, bringing real benefits to the Grand Canal heavy truck users and after-sales service providers.

Note: The above service policy has been implemented strongly since July 2011.

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