Since the total output value of the Chinese machine tool industry has leapt to the top in the world. It is planned that by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the Chinese hardware machine tool industry will achieve a total industrial output value of 700 billion yuan, and medium-to-high-end CNC machine tools will become the focus of the “Twelfth Five-Year” development. It proves the development achievements of the Chinese machine tool industry in recent years and the status and influence of the Chinese machine tool market in the world. From the reflection of exhibitors, exhibits and audiences, this exhibition can be said to be very successful. The good news is that the development of domestic machine tools has also reached a new level. Large-scale, high-speed, high-precision, composite and other advanced high-end CNC machine tools are commonplace. This is not only the inevitable result of the domestic machine tool market demand, but also the inevitable result of the country's implementation of major projects.

The huge demand of the domestic machine tool market has caused domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturers to vigorously seize the opportunities in the domestic market. Many well-known machine tool manufacturers at home and abroad are almost the largest exhibiting area in history and exhibiting at the largest scale. The exhibits are advanced technologies. The high-end products are all very important to the development of complementary products.

General machine tools include two aspects:

First, some new models were exhibited to demonstrate the most advanced technological level of each machine manufacturer.

The second is a relatively complete series of serial products.

This kind of product has a large share in the market. The new products and technologies developed in the past two to three years accounted for the majority, because all exhibitors knew that products with too low levels could not capture the market in China.

At CIMT2011, both domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturers have come up with their best products and technologies. During the exhibition, each machine tool manufacturer compares and learns from each other. This is a major objective of the exhibition.

What is more impressive is the exhibits in South Korea. They are not advanced in terms of technology and performance, but it can be seen that they have made great efforts. Such as the appearance of a large number of glass, the overall look very neat, very bright, giving a very eye-catching feeling. This huge change in appearance, it is worth our domestic machine tool manufacturers to learn and learn from.

Today's most advanced technologies and products still have a certain gap. In the past few years, we are still trying to catch up with advanced foreign technologies. In the next two years and in the next few years, we will continue to make greater breakthroughs. But then, if there are no major special projects, the gap between us and foreign countries may be widened to five or even 10 years. With the support of major national special projects, domestic high-end CNC machine tools have achieved breakthroughs in many major technologies such as high-speed cutting technology and ultra-high-speed grinding technology for difficult-to-machine materials. We have manufactured a number of iconic major equipment such as the Gantry 5-axis linkage lathe-milling lathe, super heavy-duty CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, and precision horizontal machining center, effectively breaking the foreign technology blockade and market monopoly.

Although significant achievements have been made in major projects, it is necessary to transform the technology into samples and samples into products.

There are many areas that need to continue to work, such as appearance and application software. We can see that the machine tool industry is growing rapidly. It will change every one or two years. Many new technologies and new products will spring up like mushrooms. To really catch up with and surpass advanced foreign machine tools, domestic machine tool companies need to make greater efforts. The good news is that many domestic machine tool companies and CNC systems and functional components companies have strong independent development capabilities.

Judging from the exhibition situation of CIMT2011, CIMT is also a highly-specified machine tool event in the international arena. Each machine tool manufacturer has exhibited its own advantageous exhibits. From this we can also see that the competition in the hardware machine tool industry is becoming increasingly fierce. If domestic machine tools want to compete with foreign machine tools, they must continue to develop their own technologies and products, especially to achieve major breakthroughs in some of the core key technologies. It is believed that during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, under the strong support of major national special projects, domestic hardware machine tool companies will surely achieve greater results.

When the domestically-manufactured numerical control system steadily wins the approval of users, it will surely usher in a period of rapid development. Relatively speaking, the domestic machine tool development is faster than the numerical control system, because the numerical control system and functional components of the domestic machine tool products can be used extensively in foreign advanced products, which also restricts the development of domestic high-end numerical control systems and functional components. For the CNC system manufacturers, how can the ordinary CNC machine tools run stably and reliably? The performance of advanced CNC machine tools has been fully utilized, and they are the first thing to consider.


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