Double Star: Let the World Tire Change Color in China In 1898, the world's first black rubber tire was born in Europe. Since then, experts in the European and American tire industry have always had an unimaginable luxury - making tires colorful. 113 years later, the 100-year technical problem that plagued the global tire industry was overcome by the Chinese. In the eyes of European and American people, the century-old black history of tires in the world was rewritten and the global tire industry entered a new “multicoloured era”. Yesterday, 192 colored tires were officially unveiled in Daocheng. Qingdao City, Jiaozhou Bay Expressway, Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel, and Cross-sea Bridge... Many citizens and car owners have experienced the "amazing" of colored tires. ——Preface “We have formulated hundreds of programs, conducted thousands of trials, and after more than two years of research and development trials, we have finally created the core technology of double-star colored tires, and it has become history that foreigners have been calling for tire problems for many years. We must use facts to show that: Chinese people will never be worse than foreigners!” Yesterday, accompanied by drizzle, in the Double Star Tire Corporation located in Jiaonan, the leader of the Double Star Group was Wang Haidao’s pride and ambition.

Red, blue, yellow and camouflage colors... On the morning of the same day, 48 fortunate owners of Qingdao replaced the first batch of colored tires in Qingdao. From the eyes of the 500-odd star employees at the scene of generosity and joy, the reporter felt a force from the lively high-pitched musical sounds. It showed to all witnesses that in the binary and Chinese dictionary, there is no “impossible ".

Why can't tires be as colorful as shoes?

Let the Chinese replace the first pair of liberation shoes from all-embroidered earthen sneakers; let the Chinese replace the first pair of fashionable sneakers with a single liberation shoe; let the global consumers change from the stereotyped white-sole vulcanized shoes to the first one. Double colorful, scented, personalized shoes... Double Star is the oldest company in China's shoemaking history, especially since the reforms entered the market for more than 30 years. Through process innovation, people have constantly revised their understanding of shoes and opened it with top-level personalized shoes. American market.

“People’s living standards are improving. Consumer attitudes are changing. The era of personalization has come. People’s shoes are colorful. People’s cars are free to choose the color of the car body. Why is the tyres always black for over a hundred years? Why can't the 'shoe' worn by a car be as rich and colorful as the shoes one wears?” One day two years ago, Wang Hai’s “king of Chinese shoes” asked the entire R&D team of the company a deep thought. Combining the experience of the two stars in the past two decades as black tires, they have devoted themselves to the study of the development law of the world tire industry, from human shoes to shoes, repeated thinking and repeated argumentation, and established the research and development of colored tires.

Breaking the post-80s and conquering 113 years of "century conjecture"

"Colored tires are hailed as the Goldbach conjecture of the global tire industry and even the automotive industry, but we are not convinced. We must strive to be the first!" This is the spirit and ambition of the Twins who have continued 90 years of innovation. Make your own way, win glory for the Chinese, and strive for the Chinese nation. Faced with a "century of conjecture" that has been hailed by developed countries in Europe and America for decades, they began the development of personalized and stylish tires.

During the development of colored tires, due to different color formulations and different materials, tire performance requirements are more stringent, the process is more complex, and production is more difficult. But unexpectedly, the "military order" was actually a group of young R&D teams with a post-70s and a post-80s as their mainstay!

“In the face of the impetus for innovation, the answer to the puzzle is just a layer of window paper!” said Wang Hai, the young people rewritten this 113-year technical problem with boundless imagination and willpower. They innovatively used shoes and tire technology to learn from each other and penetrated each other, allowing dozens of tire technologies to be integrated with each other, using new materials, overcoming hundreds of technical difficulties, day and night, trial and error, and formulating hundreds of programs. Thousands of trials, from color formulations to process improvements, from parameter determination to equipment coordination, from performance testing to road tracking, have been calculated, predicted, improved, and identified.

On more than 700 days and nights, the first colorful tires like a baby to be sucked appeared on the assembly line of the Dongfeng tires of the Double Star. This time the world’s tire industry remembers this time, this time, the Chinese are the protagonists.

React to the colors of people's shoes and shoes

“When the news about the development of colored tires by Double Star was first reported on CCTV News Network, several hundred news media such as Guangming Daily, China Chemical News, China Military Net, Shandong TV, and Qingdao Daily had concerns. Less than a week, more than 1,000 domestic Foreign consumers and dozens of agents have contacted DoubleStar and hundreds of orders have been signed on the spot.” Twins first tasted the joy of victory, “What do you need, what do I do”, “What color of the car, with what color of the "Tire", "As long as you set, quantify, and time, I can make the tire you want." It is understood that as of now, the Double Star color tire has developed nearly ten kinds of colors and styles, applicable to various models of family cars, military vehicles, off-road vehicles, trucks, etc., consumers are free to choose and achieve personalized customization.

"Colored tires are completely different from conventional tires, and the process is more complex and takes longer." It is understood that the personalized custom center of the Double Star color tires is currently located at Hubei Shuangxing Dongfeng Tire, depending on the models and user needs, each The price of colored tires ranges from 3,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan. At present, the Color Tire Customization Center has started full-scale production and is producing the “multicolored vehicle shoes” for the world’s first batch of users.

Double Star's technological innovation has attracted the attention of the industry. Experts in the industry believe that the Double Star Group has established a new image of the Chinese tire national brand through technological innovation and demonstrated the strength of the Chinese national enterprise. “This breakthrough in the technology of Double Star has enabled the Chinese people to win global respect in the global industrial field.”

1. "Colored tires are forced by the Americans"

“In a sense, the breakthrough of the dual-color tire technology was forced by the Americans! This is a response to the suppression of Chinese tire sanctions by Western countries represented by the United States!” said Wang Hai, president of the Double Star Group. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, Western developed countries have increasingly severed and obstructed China's economy, especially in the tire industry, the rising costs caused by natural rubber price increases, tires brought about by the special security case Loss, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, etc. imposed on China by the United States in violation of trade laws have brought a more severe test to the development of China's tire industry. It can be said that as long as China is a rising and developing industry, developed countries will block and suppress it with various reasons.

2, "Tire's four mountains' pressure on the head of Chinese companies"

As the first generation of Chinese entrepreneurs still struggling in the front line of business warfare, Wang Hai summed up the current status of Chinese companies’ external export trade: “The obstruction of technical barriers, the sanctions and suppression of anti-dumping, the aggression of multinational groups, and the exploitation of brands” are like markets. The “four big mountains” under the economy are pressing on the heads of Chinese and Chinese companies, bringing great difficulties and resistance to the Chinese tire industry’s entry into the international market. This forces the Chinese tire industry to adjust its product structure and increase its technical content as soon as possible. , to achieve technology upgrades.

3. "True market competitors don't believe tears."

“The war between countries is full of smoke, real competitors do not believe in tears! Only by continuous innovation can companies continue to advance. The Chinese must have their own core technologies and independent intellectual property rights in order to gain a firm foothold in the international competition.” The suppression of the developed countries, Double Star people are not discouraged and do not compromise, Wang Hai said that this is the typical character of the Chinese people for five thousand years: more and more frustrated. He led the Twin Stars in the global market to expand, from Qingdao to the country, from China to Asia, from Asia to Europe and the United States, to the Gulf of the Middle East, to the border towns of North Africa. Continuously develop "differentiation, individualization, fashion, and specialization" tire products, so that Chinese tires "walk" around the world.

Compressor Heat Exchanger

The air compressor is a mechanical device that compresses the volume of the gas and increases the pressure of the gas and delivers the gas. It can reduce the volume of the gas, increase the pressure, and have a certain kinetic energy, which can be used as mechanical power or other purposes.

Since the compressed high-temperature gas and high-temperature oil play the role of transmission power and power source in the air compressor, for the safe and benign operation of the air compressor, high-efficiency heat dissipation of the high-temperature gas and oil is required plate-fin heat exchange. It is widely used in air compressors with the advantages of high pressure resistance and large heat dissipation power per unit volume. We offer standard coolers or special custom cooler solutions for current different cubic air compressors, ensuring that the air compressors work long hours.

1. Blowing air: tire filling, blow molding, blowing, blowing, food filling, etc.
2. Control instrument: machining center, machine tool, printing machine, power plant auxiliary equipment control, train brake, rail change and change device, vehicle door and window opening and closing, control valve, instrument power, etc.
3. Drive equipment: air guns, nail guns, robots, pneumatic drills, pneumatic picks, etc.
4. Surface spraying: metal surface sandblasting, surface painting, etc.
5. Dust transportation: coal powder transportation in power plant smelting plant, dust transportation in cement plant, etc.
6. Pressurization: metal casting, forging, etc.
7. Chemical reactions: Chemical reactions in chemical plants, oxygen production, nitrogen production, etc.
8. Purging: power plant pipeline cleaning, smelting plant, mechanical processing plant iron filings, dust cleaning, workbench cleaning and other ventilation, tunnels, mine ventilation.
9. Aircraft manufacturing: spray washing machine, demoulding, driving assembly tools, drilling rigs, steam hammers, lifting hoists, combination knives, reamer, rivet guns, screwdrivers, forging hammers, metal forming presses, sand blasting, painting.
10. Spraying machine: spray washing machine, driving assembly tool, lifting hoist, pneumatic control, forging workshop, sheet metal workshop.
11. Beverage factory: bottle washing machine, canning machine, internal spraying of wine barrels, gas for food industry.
12. Cement manufacturing: storage ventilation, cement slurry mixing, cement bag cleaning and sealing, raw material mixing, dump truck, cleaning equipment, clinker cooling, conveying cement and coal, cement kiln cleaning, vehicle loading and unloading, lifting and lifting devices, pneumatic control.
13. Thermal power plants: blowing air to clean pipes, blowing off soot, clear boiler and condenser pipes, jet cleaning, conveying coal powder, removing muddy water, and pneumatic control.
14. Hydropower plants: engine control, ship lock maintenance, drive controller, drive lubrication pump, drive ship lock, start control, cleaning garbage net.
15. Food industry (general application): stirring liquid, fermentation tank gas (oxygen), nozzle cleaning equipment, clear container with nozzle, conveying raw materials, food dehydration, filtration.
16. Forging workshop: blowing oxide scale, furnace door air curtain, lifting hoist and lift, driving bending and straightening machine, driving clutch brake and clamping device, driving forging hammer and driving oil burner.
17. Foundry workshop: hot metal positioning, cleaning equipment, conveying sand, driving pneumatic tools, sanding machine, grinder, lifting hoist and lift, pneumatic pick, steel brush, sandblasting, sand screening, spray core.

In summary, the industries used for compressed air include machinery, automotive, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, mining, construction, building materials, petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, textile, environmental protection, military and other industrial and civil production and life. each field.

Compressor radiator

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