1. Multi-way drain valve must be mounted vertically on the horizontal pipe. 2. The pipe cleaning, before installing the valve. 1. Turn the handwheel stem counterclockwise to drive the valve core to gradually move up and the sealing surface to disengage. The diversion seat on the valve core gradually moves out of the seat hole to form a narrow slit gap. The medium passes through the symmetrical orifice Into the seat inside, a small amount of medium out through the slit, the gradual reduction of system pressure. 2. Continue turning the handwheel counterclockwise to move the valve spool upwards. The orifice on the guide seat moves out of the valve seat cavity. More media is discharged smoothly after throttling through the guide seat and the valve sleeve. 3. Continue turning the handwheel counterclockwise to move the spool up to the fully open position. At this point, the media pressure is greatly reduced and large quantities of impurities are removed directly from the orifice of the valve sleeve and form a vortex at the inverted seal seat Clean the sealing surface to prevent impurities from adhering to the sealing surface. â‘¡ valve closing process: 4. Turn the valve clockwise, the valve stem driven spool down, this time the sewage has ended, the system pressure is low, the valve sleeve orifice area gradually reduced, the guide sleeve near the valve seat, and Change the flow of medium, the medium through the throttle to a certain speed through the valve core and valve sealing surface, and gradually strengthen the sealing surface of the cleaning efforts. 5. Continue to rotate the handwheel, the guide seat on the valve core into the valve seat hole, the formation of narrow-slot throttling, due to the sewage close to the end of the media has less impurities, narrow gap between the guide sleeve and the seat to prevent the residual Of the tiny impurities flow into the sealing surface, the medium flows out quickly through the slit, thoroughly clean the sealing surface, to ensure that the sealing pair contacts zero leakage. 6. Continue turning the handwheel until the valve plug contacts the seal seat. Achieve sealing. The size of the sewage valve, the role of the sewage valve, the principle of the sewage valve; drain valve body and the valve cover with a clip-type connection, sewage valve structure is compact, easy removal of the sewage valve, sewage valve for easy installation, drainage valve branch pipe for the welding connection . Sewage valve with self-tight pressure seal structure, sewage valve sealing ring made of asbestos packing formed, the higher the pressure of the sewage valve medium, the better the sealing. Drainage valve medium flow from the branch into the sewage. Sewage valve flap for the piston structure and boronizing treatment. Drain valve erosion and corrosion long service life.

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