Recently, Japan FDK Corporation and Fukushima University have successfully developed a metal surface polishing technology with an accuracy of 10 nm or less. This technology mainly uses a special liquid containing iron and magnetic to process surfaces such as metal, in addition to planar workpieces. Polishing the concave-convex workpiece. The main service targets are optical component companies and mold companies.

This special liquid is called a magnetic beam (KURASUTA). It is an oily mixed liquid containing iron spheres of 1 micron in diameter and iron oxides of 10 nanometers in diameter. It is magnetized by a permanent magnet magnet to form a tiny rod-like solid as a brush, thus polishing The workpiece is ground. At present, FDK has put on the market a small polishing machine capable of processing workpieces with a diameter of less than 3 cm, and plans to put large equipment of more than ten centimeters into the market in the future.

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