The end of April in Beijing, because of the 2012 (12th) International Auto Show, once again became the focus of attention in the world, and on April 25, the International Auto Show, because Zoomlion 3 Bridge 49 meters 6 full-steel arm The debut of the pump truck was even more dazzling.

Zoomlion 3 Bridge 49m 6-section steel jib pump truck has become the star of the Beijing auto show

Zoomlion 3 Bridge 49m 6-section steel arm pump car style

On the morning of April 25, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery International once again challenged the limit for the development and innovation of concrete machinery. The 3-arm, 49-meter, 6-arm, all-steel boom truck was unveiled at the Mercedes-Benz booth. The highlights and irreplaceable stars of the show. Vice President Daimler Truck China Executive Vice President Robert, Daimler Trucks China Sales Vice President Fei Maike, Zoomlion Vice President, General Manager of Concrete Machinery Chen Xiaofei, Deputy General Manager of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Company Yang Changkang, China Wang Wei, director of Informatization Department of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd., attended the new product launch conference and witnessed the advent of this new product together with customers from the concrete machinery industry and media editors. The editors of China Construction Machinery Business Network were invited to attend the event and report on the activities.
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