In December last year, Russia was officially allowed to become a new member of the WTO. According to WTO regulations, in 2012~2017, the import tariff of new tyres for light vehicles in Russia will be gradually reduced from 20% to 10%, and will be reduced by 2% each year. There will be no minimum tax limit for 2017.

At present, Russia's import tariffs are: 20% for new light-duty tires, and not less than 6.9 euros/bar. New tires for buses and trucks are subject to a specific tax of not less than 5 euro/bar. After joining the WTO, import tariffs on new tires for buses and trucks in Russia will be reduced from 15% in 2012 to 10% in 2015, and specific taxes will be abolished since 2012.

Due to the rapid development of China's automobile industry in recent years, it has driven the development of the tire industry, and production and sales have greatly improved. Compared with foreign price advantages, it also promotes strong exports. Therefore, China's tire export market is more optimistic.

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