In order to solve the problem of large labor intensity of traditional agricultural breeding methods in Yangcheng County, Shanxi Province, and restricting the growth of economic benefits, Yangcheng County Agricultural Machinery Service Center developed a steel frame type silkworm three-dimensional culture frame. The culture frame is made of ordinary carbon angle steel, and the working part is composed of a main body, a cultured two-frame, a drain plate, a conversion mechanism, a slide rail and a support frame.

The designed aquaculture capacity is 12,500 to 20,000 heads, which can feed 0.5 to 0.8 silkworms. After the first-stage trial, the culture frame is freely operated, and when it is not lost, the silkworm can basically wear on the net, ventilation and light transmission, saving greenhouse area. The use of three-dimensional culture racks can improve work efficiency and greenhouse utilization in greenhouses, improve physiological reproduction conditions of silkworms, reduce the incidence of diseases, and increase farmers' income. At present, the products have passed the preliminary evaluation of the county-level project acceptance and evaluation committee and are expected to be promoted.

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