On February 26, 2016, when the Lingsteel Group hosted the first anniversary of Chaochai Power, Chaochai Power held a 2016 annual purchasing business conference at Fushun International Hotel in Chaoyang. General Manager Wen Guang, party secretary and deputy general manager Cui Xianguo, deputy general managers Wang Zhonghai, Cao Xiaofeng and leaders of all units gathered with more than 200 representatives of suppliers to review the development history of Chaochai Power's solidarity and progress in the past year. 2016 development plan. The general manager of the company, Mr. Wen Guang, won warm applause from the participating suppliers with a brief and pragmatic speech, and strengthened the development confidence of the suppliers and Chaochai Power.

Chaochai Power held 2016 Annual Business Meeting

The meeting was chaired by Li Jianhui, Deputy Minister of Zhachai Power Procurement Department. Pang Huating, Director of the Technical Center, Jiang Chaoyong, Director of the Quality Assurance Department, and Zhang Guojie, Director of the Purchasing Department delivered product development reports, quality work reports, and procurement work reports at the meeting, which enabled the delegates to discuss the development of various products of the Chaochai Power Group and 2016 A clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the product development goals, quality management priorities, and procurement requirements has been achieved.

Zhaochai Wang, deputy general manager of Chaochai Power, announced the "Decisions Concerning Recognition of Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochao Power Co., Ltd. Outstanding Supplier and Salesman for 2015". Nine suppliers including Beijing Peitelai Electric Co., Ltd. won the "Excellent Quality Award", and 9 suppliers including Shengrui Drive Co., Ltd. Anqiu Branch won the "New Product Development Award". Longkou Longji Three Pump Co., Ltd., Bosch 15 suppliers including Auto Diesel Systems Co., Ltd. won the "Excellent Supplier Award". Chaochai Power Leader awarded the trophies to the winners and took a group photo.

Bin Jun, general manager of Shandong Binzhou Bohai Piston Co., Ltd., spoke as an excellent supplier representative. He said that in the face of the current industrial change in the integration of information technology and manufacturing, the Bohai Pistons will work together with other suppliers to assist Chai Power and unite to open up a new world for the development of China's internal combustion engine industry.

In the end, the general manager of Chaochai Power Co., Ltd. made a concluding speech. In a concise and pragmatic language, he first analyzed the development of the diesel engine industry and pointed out that after a year of hard work and knowledge of the diesel engine industry, it was determined that Chaochao has surpassed the survival crisis, but to achieve better development, it must go through arduous Efforts will be made to seize the important opportunity period for economic shift and transformation and upgrading of the current round and complete the re-shaping of the Chaochao brand.

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