The centerless grinding machine is mainly used for grinding 5-10mm in diameter, the length of the locking clip groove of the valve and the chamfer of the short part of the rod.

The grinding wheel spindle bearing adopts hydrodynamic and hydrostatic pressure bearing, which has large bearing capacity, good rigidity and high rotating precision. The guide wheel spindle bearing adopts two double-row cylindrical roller bearings with two conical bores for the front bearing and the pair of face-to-face angular contact ball bearings for the rear bearing. Design, support rigidity, high rotation accuracy; working speed is continuously variable, easy to select the appropriate speed for different diameter parts.

The use of special shaped grinding wheel provides good shape accuracy and high durability.

The wheel dresser longitudinal movement is driven by a speed governing motor.

Stepless speed regulation makes it easy to select the ideal dressing speed to obtain a good surface quality of the guide wheel; the vertical feed system adopts a manual and servo motor feed method; the horizontal feed component is located inside the bed and is controlled by a servo motor. Drive the ball screw to move the guide wheel seat, which is the main feed for general production operations. It has the characteristics of sensitive movement, high micro feed precision, and long service life; the manual feed part is located inside the guide wheel frame and can be changed when needed. The distance between the guide wheel and the pallet to meet the requirements for machining different diameter parts.

Small Scale Flour Milling Plant

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