Recently, MAN Rollo announced that it has provided three 480 ekW gas generator sets to the Helgoland, a LNG power ferry that has recently entered service.

MAN Rollo receives three 480 ekW power gas generator orders

AN Rollo supplied these gas generators to the Fassmer shipyard in Germany. The ship's owner is the Cassen Eils shipping company. The ferry service is mainly provided between Cuxhaven in the northern German city and Helgoland in the North Sea, all year round.

It is reported that "Helgoland" is 83 meters long, 12,6 meters wide and 3,6 meters draught. It can take more than 1,180 passengers, mainly using LNG as fuel. It uses 2 Wärtsilä 9 cylinders 20DF medium speed double fuel. engine.

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