The city's traffic is getting more and more congested, especially at the peak of commuting, and the cars on the road are just like ants. Coupled with the uneven driving ability of the driver, it is inevitable that there will be some small tips. After the accident, people's first reaction is estimated to call the insurance company and wait for the insurance company to deal with it. Of course, during this period, the owners did not expect the car to move, because they feared that the other side would not admit it, so it would cause more congestion in the originally congested road.


In fact, after an accident, as long as the loss is not very high, the car owners can choose to quickly settle claims. So what is a fast claim? It refers to the fact that after a road accident with limited resources, the parties concerned will fill out the accident confirmation on site and then quickly move the vehicle to a place that does not obstruct traffic, so as to avoid delaying the traffic in the city. So some car owners may have to say, what if I don’t decide when I move the car? It doesn't matter. Xiaobian teaches you a trick. You don't have to take pictures of the scene of the accident. Let's take a look at how to take pictures of the accident scene.

1, take a photo after the car

Car owners can stand in front of the car and take pictures behind the car. It is advisable to take pictures of the markings next to the wheels so that the traffic police can accurately determine the specific location of the car at the time of the accident.

2, take a picture on the side

The owner can use the logo as a reference object, and then photograph the surrounding shops, road signs, etc., and the shooting angle is preferably perpendicular to the front wheel of the vehicle, and then shoot against the vehicle body.


3, take a collision point

When taking pictures, the owner should be close to the collision position to ensure the accuracy of the shooting. If the area is too large, it is best to take one more shot. One thing to note when taking a picture is to capture the depth of the collision and the length of the scratch so that the traffic police can understand the extent of the collision and scratch.

4, brake marks take a

After the car owner can walk to the car body, the car and the brake marks are photographed together. If there are conditions, the brake marks and distance can be drawn on the ground with chalk or bricks, and the vehicle and brake marks can be photographed to facilitate the traffic police to judge the accident.

5, take a picture of the wheel

The owner can walk to the side of the car and take a picture of the wheel position when parking. You can also use chalk to mark the position of the four wheels to avoid the accident site can be restored when there is a dispute.

Finally, there is still something that requires the owner to pay attention to the fact that under certain special circumstances, if the accident loss is not very serious, the owner is not willing to adopt the fast compensation method, and then leads to traffic congestion, it will be punished by the traffic police. .

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