All the places where gas is poured out are the focus of gas control. In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of gas accidents, it is necessary to ensure the independence and reliability of the large and small ventilation systems of the whole mine, ensure the necessary air volume of the mine, and strive to reduce the ventilation resistance of the mine.

1, all the mining face must have reliable ventilation system, according to the rules of order with the wind, to ensure that the maximum permissible concentration of poisonous gases, temperature, wind speed meet the requirements of the "coal mine safety regulations" of.

2. Take measures to prevent the accumulation of gas on the corners of the working face, the high rise of the roof, the low wind speed roadway, and the blind alley.

3. According to the regulations, match the gas alarm power-off instrument of each mining face, and carry out calibration and maintenance according to the regulations to ensure sensitive and reliable.

4. The underground electrician, the gunner, the team leader, the safety officer, the captain and the engineering technicians must carry the portable gas detector when they go down the well.

5. The coal roadway, the semi-coal rock roadway excavation work face, and the tunneling face should be equipped and inspected according to the requirements of “three special two locks” and gas automatic tester. It is strictly forbidden to stop power or stop the wind without plan. After conducting the leak test and power-off test every day, the gas crew must immediately check the gas, restore the ventilation, prevent the gas from accumulating, and avoid accidents caused by power outages and winds on the heading face during the leak test.

6. Strengthen gas management and strictly implement the shift system. Gas crews must stick to their jobs and must not leave their posts. They must strictly implement the underground work face handover and the "three reports" system in the class. The gas crew must perform the "one shot and three inspections". The gas inspectors must conduct inspections according to regulations. .

7. The gunners, gas crews, and team leaders must strictly implement the "three-person interlocking" firing system. The team leader and the gunner must carefully check the dressing of the firing bar and find that there must be immediate, open, short-circuit, etc. Process it.

8. Kaifeng sealing, roadway penetration, Shimen uncovering coal, etc. must all prepare strict measures to prevent and control gas accidents, and conduct trials. Relevant companies and district leaders should be on the scene.

9. Strengthen the explosion-proof management of electrical equipment. It is strictly forbidden to explode electrical equipment. The installed electrical equipment must comply with the operating regulations.

10. Strictly implement the “Three Major Protections” Rules for Mine Electricity, and regularly calculate and adjust, shake and test according to regulations, and make records. The mining power supply should be separated.

11. All rails leading to the underground must be installed with at least two pairs of insulated splints. At least two places for wind and water pipes are grounded. For the inclined shaft, the winch must be installed in accordance with the regulations, and the “three-slope three-slope” must be installed and ensured to be reliable.

12. Strictly put the guns on the guards to prevent the gas and guns from smoking.

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